Physical Education

At Braywick Court School we deliver specialist PE teaching from Preschool up to Year 6. Our highly skilled sports team work with all our pupils for two hours a week during curriculum time, and also deliver our extensive range of extra curriculum sporting opportunities.

The intent of our PE curriculum is to create confident and able pupils who engage in life long participation in sport. Engagement and enjoyment in all sports is something we foster from the Early Years.

The key aims of our PE curriculum are:

  • Develop a love of sport and physical activity
  • Foster life long participation in sport
  • Promote the mental health and well-being benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Develop understanding and participation in a variety of sports
  • Provide opportunities to develop transferrable skills through sport eg communication, teamwork, confidence & self esteem
  • For every child to have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports both in school and in the local community

Our carefully mapped curriculum introduces our youngest pupils to fundamental movement skills. Key skills such as agility, balance, coordination, throwing & kicking are mastered across EYFS and Key Stage 1 through fun and engaging lessons which allow all pupils to access the curriculum fully.

In lower Key Stage 2 our curriculum focuses on the principles of play for invasion games. This ensures that pupils build upon the fundamentals covered in Key Stage 1. Pupils have access to coaching in a range of sports eg, basketball, handball, tag rugby and football. In upper Key Stage 2 the focus of our teaching is patterns of play, this enables our pupils to transfer skills across sports such as width and depth in attack and defending.

Our children all have the opportunity to join a school squad and are actively encouraged to take part in squad training sessions which are run daily by our sports team.

Dance and gymnastics is taught to each year group, led by our specialist dance teacher.

In addition to our extensive physical education curriculum, we are committed to ensuring that EVERY child has the opportunity to learn to swim during their time at Braywick Court School. Every class has swimming lessons for half a term every year, this in in addition to their weekly PE lessons.


Our school site provides a range of purpose built facilities to support our delivery of our PE curriculum. Our sports playground and school hall provide a perfect space for the introduction of sporting skills. Our Key Stage 2 PE is taught at the Braywick Leisure Centre, giving us access to state of the art professional facilities. Our squad training sessions also take place daily at the Leisure Centre.