Our Curriculum Intent

We provide an ambitious, coherent and rich curriculum which gives every pupil the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. Our curriculum is developed to nurture and enhance the individuality of each child. We aim to enable our pupils to become confident and independent learners with a passion to succeed and a curiosity for the world around them.

Our inquiry-based approach encourages pupils to explore key concepts as threads throughout all areas of the curriculum, building on and making connections to prior learning. Engaging content ensures that our curriculum is knowledge rich whilst interweaving key skills that allow pupils the opportunity to make sense of the changing world around them.

Maximising our unique setting allows us to take learning outside as much as possible. An understanding, respect and passion for the natural world is a thread throughout our curriculum offer.

Our aim is for all pupils to become empowered activists for change, creative problem solvers and ambitious individuals who confidently excel in all they do.


We believe in a broad curriculum, delivered in innovative ways to excite and engage children and we believe that exceptional results should be a by-product of the education that we offer, not the exclusive focus. Pupils are encouraged to aim high and we aim to provide them with everything they need to succeed. We believe that learning is an active rather than a passive process. Our curriculum ensures that learners construct meaning through active engagement with the word and through gaining agency over their learning. For learning to be fully understood and embedded, our curriculum ensures that meaningful connections between prior knowledge, new knowledge and the processes involved in learning.

Braywick Court School Curriculum Policy