Our music curriculum is developed to nurture and enhance the individuality of each child. Music gives our pupils a link between school and the world around them, bringing our community together though shared experiences. Music should spark a child’s imagination, providing them with opportunities to explore and challenges to tackle. Music at Braywick Court ignites a life time of passion for every child.

Our music curriculum exposes our pupils to a wide range of genres, styles and musicians, this ensures that they have a culturally rich musical knowledge. Our pupils develop skills in responding to music, playing and performing, singing, improvising and composing. Pupils at Braywick Court School have shared experiences of listening and responding to music, they also have the opportunity to pursue individual passions through learning an instrument of their choice.

Our carefully mapped curriculum follows the Charanga scheme, ensuring that all staff can confidently deliver high quality music teaching. Pupils have the opportunity to perform to an audience, celebrating their musical talent. We work closely with Berkshire Maestros to offer a wide range of individual instrumental tuition and strongly encourage our pupils to learn to play an instrument. Music education is part of every child’s world of possibility, regardless of their background or starting point. We offer further musical enrichment through our extra curricular activities as well as through annual projects such as In2Music.










“I would teach children music, for the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning” – Plato

Music Long Term Planning