Our Story So Far

Braywick Court School, as a Free School, was proposed by Bellevue Place Education Trust to meet the high basic need for further primary school places in the area.  In 2013, the majority of Windsor and Maidenhead schools were oversubscribed. The Trust had been seeking a school in the area and were introduced to the Local Authority by the Education Funding Agency and the successful partnership to open Braywick Court began with the Local Authority showing us what was formerly the Winbury School building. The EFA agreed the purchase of the school building from the LA and from this point the Trust set about making the school a reality.

July 2014 – before opening and September 2014 – ready for the children 

Our Vision and Values were clear from the outset:

Bellevue Place Education Trust Vision

Learn. Enjoy. Succeed.

As a parent you can expect excellence, both in how we teach and nurture your child. We foster a positive attitude to life, encouraging a ‘be interested and be interesting’ attitude by providing a rich learning environment full of arts, drama, sport, music and academic rigour.

Bellevue Place children are happy, confident, successful ‘all-rounders’ who expect to win and achieve in an inclusive setting where children, parents and school staff work together to provide the best. Our commitment to you and your child is that we will teach them to learn, enjoy and succeed both in their school career and beyond.

Our purpose:

To enable every child to be the best they can be

We will optimise educational opportunities and outcomes for children of all abilities and backgrounds, enabling them to achieve confidence and success through high quality educational experiences and a range of extra-curricular activities. Our aim is for every child to reach their full academic potential.

Our Vision:

Braywick Court School’s unique learning experience will centre on quality teaching supporting every child to learn, enjoy and succeed:

Using state of the art ICT provision

We will use cutting edge ICT provision to support learning across the curriculum and equip children with the skills they needs for life and the workplace. ‘Screen time’ will enhance ‘Green time’ – these are not stand alone initiatives.

Being A Green School

We make the most of our beautiful surroundings in Braywick Nature Reserve and take our learning outside at every opportunity. We care for our local environment and teach children good habits for being ecologically aware and looking after our world. We love local food and grow our own whenever we can.

Realising that it “takes a village to raise a child”*

Partnership with parents and our local community are key to our success. Parents play a significant role in their children’s education. Relevant and timely information about the school and its children is communicated to parents so that learning becomes a partnership between home and school. We forge strong community links so that we help our local community and they in turn help to enrich our children’s education.

*African proverb

Early Successes

By October 2014 we had reached our Published Admission Number (PAN) of 28 and word began to spread about our success and popularity. By Christmas 2014 our Head of EYFS was a lead teacher for the local authority and we were asked to support a school in special measures. We sent staff in every day, reorganised their provision, planning and assessment and helped them to recruit a teacher into EYFS. The school came out of special measures in November 2015.

In May 2015 we had an external monitoring visit from Steven Wade, UK Schools Director for Bellevue:

“Aspects that should give those involved in the school particular cause for satisfaction include; the attitudes the children show towards their learning, the reputation the school has gained as a quality learning environment in a short period of time, the progress shown by the children, the effectiveness with which the Leadership of the school have built the capacity of staff through appraisal and targeted professional development.”

A Special Visitor

Theresa May (MP) visited Braywick Court in June 2015 and was so impressed with the school that she wrote a letter in support of our planning application.







Braywick Court School underwent internal and external monitoring during its first year of opening.

“The leadership of the school have promoted and shaped a shared ethos of high expectations, in attitudes to learning, academic achievement and behaviour.”

“The children’s attitudes support learning, the work and play with each other co-operatively, taking responsibility for their own learning and self-regulating their behaviour. Their enjoyment of learning has a strong impact on their overall progress. Children show excellent manners and take pride in their work and appearance. Children are given appropriate responsibilities.”

“Highly effective teaching practices have a positive impact on the learning of all groups of children, who make sustained progress and achieve beyond the national norms – including PP and EAL. All adults play a significant part in the development of children’s knowledge, including parents who are invited to comment and share in children’s independent work.”

(Bellevue, May 2015)

97% of children said that lessons are interesting and fun and 93% of pupils said they find out new things in lessons. (Pupil Survey)

Excellent End of Year Results

We were thrilled to have achieved our very ambitious target of 85% of children achieving a Good Level of Development.

We over achieved on our very high target of 85% of children exceeding in at least one area of the curriculum and achieved 100%!





Our Second Year

For our September 2015 intake we increased our PAN to 30 and remained full, with 144 applications in total and 33 first choice preferences. We were proud to receive another favourable monitoring visit from the DfE. Our Head of EYFS became our Deputy Head and a moderator for the local authority.

Braywick Court School continued to deliver an enriched curriculum which was further extended from Year 1 onwards to include weekly lessons in Spanish, learning the recorder and Green School.

Successful Teaching and Learning Monitoring Visit

In January 2016 Bellevue Education carried out a Teaching and Learning Monitoring Visit. They observed lessons in both classes, watched many of the staff teach and looked at progress in books.

“The consistency in the approach of all adults is outstanding.”

“Behaviour management is outstanding.”

“Deployment of support staff is outstanding.”

“Outcomes are strong in the children’s ability to: listen to each other, understand the task and contribute during class discussion.”

TES Awards

We were delighted to be shortlisted for a 2016 TES Schools Award for the category of Early Years Setting of the Year.

We were privileged to attend such a prestigious event. Only eight schools in the county were shortlisted for the finals and the awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel played host to “the brightest and the best … celebrating the work of ordinary teachers who are doing extraordinary things to transform the lives of young people and communities.”

Braywick Court School were honoured to have been counted amongst these.

Miss O’Connell unfortunately missed the occasion as her best friend inconveniently got married on the same day!






Site and Buildings

In July 2016 planning permission was finally granted for our permanent school, which involves total demolition of the current buildings and a brand new build. In preparation for building work to take place Braywick Court School moved to a temporary location for September 2017.

Even on a temporary site our admissions increased to 149 applications in total with 44 first choices.






Parent Survey May 2016

Here are some of the highlights for you:

  •  100% of parents agree that their children enjoy coming to school—”So much so she was upset when we took her out for the day!”
  • 92% of parents believe that the school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on their child
  • 92% of parents agree or strongly agree that the children have many opportunities to develop socially and emotionally
  • 95% of parents think their child is offered an appropriate range of subjects— “There are a wide variety of subjects and extra curricular activities for the children to choose from. It’s great to have so many opportunities for extra activities and also Spanish and music from a young age.”
  • 100% of respondents agree or strongly agree that achievement is recognised and praised
  • 100% of parents think that the school offers a good range of extra-curricular activities
  • 100% of parents like the school newsletters— “A real plus point of the school is the communication. Parents know what the children are doing. Its lovely to see lots of photos.”
  • 96% of parents are happy with the information they receive about their child’s progress.
  • 100% of those who use Extended Schools are pleased with it
  • The overwhelming area for improvement was giving the school a permanent finished building—which we are working on!
  • The best way to judge whether a school is successful is by seeing how happy the children are. My daughter loves  this school. She can’t wait to go every day. Her progress this year has been amazing and I’m so proud of what she has achieved. That, in the majority, is due to the fantastic job the staff do at this school.”


Third Year of Opening

Braywick Court School moved into alternative temporary accommodation 2.5 miles away from the permanent site. Only one family left the school due to the move, the others report that they continue to be delighted with the education provided by the school and unperturbed by the move.

In our third year of opening Braywick Court School went from strength to strength , consolidating and building on the good practice from the first two years. The staff team expanded further, with excellent full time teachers in each class and a strong middle leadership team driving improvement.

The school is on track to equal or better attainment results in every year group. A robust model of pupil progress and intervention ensures that there is no statistical significance between groups of learners.

We have already successfully recruited a Year 3 teacher to join our team for September and we are planning ways in which we can project our outstanding practice into Key Stage 2.





Outcomes for Pupils

Due to our past successes we are working towards even more challenging targets this year and are confident that we will meet them.

National 2016 BCS results



 BCS Targets



BCS results



BCS Targets 2016-17


EYFS (GLD) 66.3% 90% 93% 23% 35%
Phonics screening Y1 81% 93% 90% N/A N/A
Reading KS1 74% 80%

(Year 1 result)

93% 57% 60%
Writing KS1 65% 73%

(Year 1 result)

87% 17% 35%
Maths KS1 73% 80%

(Year 1 result)

90% 17% 35%

But most importantly, we aim for all our children to learn, enjoy and succeed.