Green Schools

Since the opening of Braywick Court in 2014, it has always been our intention to enhance our teaching and learning by taking our lessons outside whenever possible.  Our pupils are privileged to be part of a school set in a nature reserve, they get to enjoy this wonderful setting every day. As such, we aim to ensure our curriculum promotes a love of the natural world, developing a sense of responsibility for our local area within our pupils. We want them to be conservationists, protectors and advocates for the green space around them. 

Now that we are in our ‘Forever Home’, we have collaborated with Braywick Nature Centre in order to provide a formal Green School’s program for our children. Working together, we have put together a timetable that threads through our school’s teaching and learning, complimenting all aspects of the curriculum, from Green Schools to Maths, English, Science and PSHE.

Each class 2 half day Ranger led sessions and in addition, each class has of 2 teacher led sessions in the outdoor classroom per academic year.  These dedicated sessions are in addition to the regular ad hoc green schools activities our children take part in throughout their curriculum. Our Green Schools curriculum is planned alongside our science and Green Schools curriculum, considering both the Ranger’s and teacher’s knowledge and skills. This will give each child the opportunity to experience a full range of Green School’s activities throughout their journey from EYFS – Y6 and beyond.