At it’s core, Create is a celebration of the Arts. Arts subjects provide a plethora of benefits, such as helping pupils build a sense of identity, enabling them to make sense of the world, as well as having a profoundly positive impact on well-being and mental health.

Our aim during the Create term at Braywick is to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in Art and

Design through an inquiry-based approach. Each year group looks at a range of artists and craft-makers, building an artistic vocabulary as pupils move up the school, in order to respond to their works in a variety of ways; through Drama, Music and Literature as well as Art.

With a whole term dedicated to Create, we are able to explore each technique and artist in depth, and give the pupils agency when it comes to their learning. As well as building artistic skills, pupils will have a wealth of opportunities to research, express themselves and develop their communication skills. They can become performers, gallery curators and art critics.

As Henri Matisse said, ” Creativity takes courage” and our Create celebrates this.

Here are the inquiry questions that have driven our units of work this term: