Inquiry Based Learning

Our curriculum is based upon an inquiry-based learning model. Inquiry-based learning is an approach that emphasises the student’s role in the learning process. Units of inquiry begin with a key question, created in partnership between teachers and pupils. Teachers facilitate pupils to explore this question and work towards an end of unit celebration or presentation. Teachers plan units of inquiry skilfully to ensure that all elements of the national curriculum are covered, whilst fulfilling pupils’ interests and curiosities.

Our inquiry-based approach uses the national curriculum as a benchmark for defining the desired knowledge and skills for each year group or phase. The national curriculum is a starting point and spring board for our teaching and learning. Subject leadership teams have established progression frameworks for their subject which ensure cohesive sequencing and opportunities for consolidation of related concepts and skills from Year 1 to Year 6.

The curriculum is organised into termly foci: Create, Discover & Explore. This ensures that all areas of the National Curriculum are covered, and allows for in depth exploration of a focus subject area across a term.