Introducing Harrison Catering Services for Braywick

Tracey Blandford Uncategorised

Harrison Catering Services Ltd have been appointed as the BPET catering provider across all eight schools from 1 September 2021 for a 3-year term.

BPET are passionate about providing high quality food for all pupils and for dinners to be a social and enriching experience through a family dining experience for our pupils to enjoy.

For Braywick Court, this new provider, we believe, will deliver a step change in the quality of meals provided for the school, utilising our fantastic kitchen facilities. Therefore, we are encouraging all families to buy school meals and phase out packed lunches. This is working well already, with the numbers of covers per day increasing from 110 to 151 by week two of the school term!

We are delighted that the children are telling us that the food is more tasty, better quality and there is more choice.

Please contact the school office to move your child(ren) from packed lunches to school dinners.