Superhero Aariya raises over £600 for Water Aid

Karen Brake Uncategorised

We are so delighted to share the news that our year one pupil Aariya has been in the local news this week, with the news she has raised over £550 for Water Aid after writing a superhero story.

Aariya, inspired by learning about superheroes and the whole school fundraising for the toilet twinning initiative when she was in Reception created a story about a young girl ‘Laila’ who was poorly from drinking dirty water being rescued by a Water Superhero. The superhero cleaned the dirty water and as a parting gift left Laila a special gem which she could use to keep the water clean.

The story also led her, with the encouragement of her parents, Vin and Nveen, to set up the fund-raising page.

Vin told the Maidenhead Advertiser ” Water Girl has resonated with our family so much that we just had to set up a just giving page to allow everybody the chance to become a super hero by making a donation.”

Read the online news story here and if you can, please support the cause by visiting:

At the time of this post donations have risen to over £640.