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A huge amount of progress has been made since the last parents meeting with:

  • Establishment of Braywick Court Action Group
  • Fortnightly Design review meetings
  • First Pre-application planning meeting held with RBWM
  • Traffic adviser appointed and first report received
  • Travel monitoring undertaken
  • Extra space in design – 150 square metres plus additional playground
  • Funded hire of nature centre – 3 days a week
  • Agreement from RBWM to use of AstroTurf pitches for sport
  • Active negotiations with RBWM at highest levels

With regard to the location for the permanent and temporary site for the school, 34 sites have been investigated by the EFA.  From this we have identified 2 possible permanent and temporary sites for the school.  One of the permanent sites is the existing Braywick Court School site and plans for the this are continuing full steam ahead. We are on programme to meet the timescales for the re-establishment of the school on this site and current planning includes:

  • A consultation booked for parents and other VIPs on 18th January;
  • a public consultation for all other parties scheduled for the 19th January.
  • Planning submission scheduled to be submitted at the end of February with planning approval hopefully being provided by the end of May.
  • Subject to planning permission being agreed, work would start on the current site during the summer.

The school will not be able to stay on the current site while the building work takes place and we have located a temporary site some two miles from the existing site.  This will offer 4 classrooms and a playground and we hope to be able to announce details of this site before mid-January.

The other permanent site option is less than a mile from the existing site and is in the immediate locality.  We were only provided details on this site last week and have been seeking to gain more understanding about the site and what it offers since this time.  We now expect a decision on whether to start planning and designing a school on this site before Christmas.  Should this be the preferred site we could remain on the Braywick Court site in temporary accommodation until the completion of the new build.

In order to put forward a robust plan for travel to school, we would appreciate it if as many people as possible could complete the travel survey.

Paper copies will be sent home with the children this evening or it can be accessed online.

It would be really helpful to receive responses from every person who is affected by drops off and collections to Braywick Court (or may be in the future for prospective parents).

If your child is dropped off and collected by more than one person in the week it would be helpful if each of these individuals could complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

Simon Ward
Bellevue Place Education Trust