“On track for some incredible end of year results”

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A message from the Trust

As Braywick Court School begins its second term after opening we wanted to share some feedback with you about the way the school is performing. Braywick Court has really been under the microscope last term – there have been monitoring visits from the Department for Education, the Education Funding Agency, Bellevue Education, the Local Authority (RBWM) and the local governing body. There have also been many opportunities for parents to express their opinion too, including a parent questionnaire. Every one of these experts has been incredibly impressed with what they have seen and especially with the standard of education on offer.

We can say with confidence that children at Braywick Court School have been offered an outstanding education from day one. The quality of provision is exceptional and children are consistently taught in a way which is engaging and inspires them to learn and improve. The care and attention given to each individual by the staff who work with them is outstanding and parents should have full confidence that their children are well cared for and encouraged to be confident and independent little people.

The progress of the children in Squirrel Class has caused quite a stir amongst all parties who have been involved with the school. High quality focussed teaching from skilled practitioners, complemented by parents’ support of the children’s learning at home mean that the school is on track for some incredible end of year results. The National Average last year was for 60% of children to reach a Good Level of Development (GLD) by the end of Reception. Squirrel Class are on track for 95% of children to achieve GLD and 80% of children exceeding GLD in at least one area of EYFS curriculum.

The high standard of education delivered at Braywick Court School has not gone unnoticed within the Local Authority. Lindsay O’Connell has been asked to be a lead teacher for Early Years for the borough and the school has already spent time supporting other local schools. It is highly unusual for any school to be viewed as strong enough to be asked to do this, and quite possibly unique to be asked within the first three months of becoming established!

The school have begun succession planning, with Mrs Sandhar already appointed for Year 1, meaning that the same high standards of teaching and achievement of pupils are set to continue. Your child is at the beginning of an exciting and successful journey through their primary education with Braywick Court School. We are so pleased that you chose to join us for the ride.

Simon Ward
Finance & Operations Director
Bellevue Place Education Trust