It’s Coming Home! Celebrating the excitement of the Euro Final

Tracey Blandford Uncategorised

Unprecedented Times!

How many times have we heard that in relation to the pandemic?

This week we can use it for the celebration of the achievement of the England Men’s Team reaching their first tournament final since the World Cup in 1966! Well before most of our school staff, pupils life times!

So today the school has come together in football kits or red and white non-uniform to celebrate this achievement – the excitement is unbelievable.  We have run a series of assemblies to talk about great leadership – as shown by Gareth Southgate – and consider the other ‘British Values’ shown by the team, the nation and the media during the tournament.

In anticipation for a great family occasion, Mrs Donnelly yesterday confirmed the arrangements for an optional later start to the formal school day on Monday from 10:30am. However staff will be in as normal and our Early Birds Breakfast Club and school walking bus will be available to anyone who needs / wishes to use it!

The attached full press release confirms that message and provides a response for any media.

So one last thing is to wish the whole England Team well, and that message comes from Year 4 teacher Mr Morris, who just loves to copy the style of Gareth Southgate!

 “Come on lads!, It’s Coming Home!”