Pupil Premium Funding 2015-16

Braywick Court School – Pupil Premium Funding 2015 – 16

Pupil premium is a designated amount of money that the government allocates to each school, based upon a number of factors which are linked to the perceived deprivation of certain pupils within a school. This money is intended to be spent directly or indirectly on those pupils who are considered vulnerable because they are not meeting National Expectations in terms of attainment.

At Braywick Court, we believe that every child has the right to achieve, succeed and thrive. We have high aspirations and ambitions for all of our children. We are driven by our belief that every child should have the opportunity to learn, make progress and fulfil their potential. As a school community, we work together collaboratively to carefully assess and monitor each child and to tailor learning opportunities to enable every child to realise their full potential.

Our pupil premium money will be utilised in a range of ways that we believe will have the greatest impact on those who are entitled to receive this additional funding. We will use it to provide a range of additional support for our children and our intention is that these specific interventions will have a significant impact on children’s learning and progress and so their attainment.

Our key focus in determining effective use of the Pupil Premium Grant is to narrow the gap between pupil groups to ensure that every child is able to make at least good progress. Nationally, children who are entitled to Free School Meals have historically achieved less well than their peers. At Braywick Court, we intend to ensure that the gap is closed for all groups of pupils and we will carefully monitor any trends in attainment for specific individuals or groups to ensure we can maximise the efficacy of our interventions and support.

Whilst we believe that effectively differentiated Quality First Teaching is crucial and ensure success and progress, we also understand the importance of targeted, precision intervention. As such, we use a range of intervention strategies to provide children with the additional support and challenge that they need in order to accelerate progress and for some children to eliminate barriers to learning so they are equipped with the tools, skills and experience they need to reach age related expectations and as they move through the school. Targeted support is being provided through one-to-one and small group tuition. These interventions support children in knowing where they are and what they need to do to improve their work.

Information for Pupil Premium at Braywick Court School

10% of children at Braywick Court School are eligible for free school meals. This is roughly in line with school locally and nationally.


How do we decide what to use pupil premium for?

This is driven by the school leadership team and is based upon careful discussions, observations, assessment and monitoring. In collaboration with practitioners, leaders analyse the school data each term and make recommendations for the expenditure. The majority of our pupil premium is spend on strategies to raise attainment and close any gaps in attainment for children eligible for free school meals. Strategies that we have employed include:-


  • Supporting families with uniform and clothing requirements
  • Providing financial support for Extended School provision
  • Teaching children in small targeted groups

Booster groups for specific children identified through pupil Progress Meetings


Braywick Court School – Pupil Premium Funding 2015-16

In 2015-16 Braywick Court School will receive approximately £6,600 in Pupil Premium funding.  School self-evaluation has indicated that the funding will used for the following initiatives: –




Proposed Impact

Staff with designated time to run focused interventions and provide support and training for other staff – part funded £2,400 To close the gap for specific individuals and groups Improved outcomes for individuals and groupsImproved quality first teaching across the schoolFocussed interventions for identified children and groups
Additional Teaching Assistant time to provide small group interventions and 1:1 tuition – part funded £1,700 To enable children to access personalised learning opportunities through increased adult supportTo provide specialist tuition and provision to support children’s wider development, with a key focus on PSHE, English and maths skills All staff trained to deliver individual programme as well as in class support to enable every year group to make good or better progress in all core subjectsChildren make accelerated progress and reach their potential through personalised tuition and support
Support with uniform and equipment costs £800 To enable children to develop a sense of belonging and feel a part of a wider communityTo ensure all children are able to feel confident, happy and part of the Braywick Court family, ready for learning. To enable every child to feel a part of a wider communityTo develop confidence and self-esteemTo ensure that no child feels different or isolated
Subsidised Before/After school activities and clubs £1,700 To ensure all children have a wide range of activities through extended schools opportunitiesTo enable all children to access a wide range of opportunities Learning clubs supported children’s learning and progress before and after school.  Children are able to access a wide range of different activities.A range of opportunities were provided for children which broadened their skills and experiences of life, culture and religion.