Parent Survey

Results of Summer 2017 Survey

Thank you to all of you who responded to the parent survey issued in May 2017. With a third of families having completed it, we can use the data to support the forward planning of the school. Your feedback is valuable and complements the feedback we receive via our daily interaction with you. We are always appreciative of this as it helps inform our planning and ensures we are working closely with you, so thank you for your time and effort in completing the survey.

Strengths of Braywick Court School

The parent community are very satisfied with school life at Braywick Court School, with the majority of parents describing the school as a happy and friendly environment with high standards and clear values.

There is a very clear sense of what most parents regard as the primary strengths of the school. The most common responses were:

  • The school’s ability to develop well-rounded children who behave well, are polite and confident
  • The emphasis on encouraging children to develop mindfulness and practising yoga daily
  • A wide range of extra-curricular activities available to pupils
  • A balanced approach to the curriculum with clear breadth of opportunity and a healthy academic emphasis
  • A focus on educating the whole child and providing a well-rounded education

The following table lists the questions which achieved the highest percentage of respondents who chose either Strongly Agree or Agree.

Question – % who graded Excellent or very good

Q1: My child enjoys coming into school – 96%

Q2: The school develops my child’s independence and responsibility – 96%

Q3: The school’s values and attitudes have a positive impact on my child – 88%

Q4: The school is welcoming and secure – 85%

Q5: Children have opportunities to develop socially and emotionally – 88%


Areas for Improvement

We really appreciate the time it took you to complete the survey and can assure you that responses to each questions have been carefully reviewed. We have identified the following areas to consider for our School Development Plan next year and to continue to improve our educational offer:

  • Improve communication around updates on the new building: The Trust have provided at least a monthly update regarding the new building and are now establishing a Braywick Court Action Group.
  • That achievement of all children in recognised and praised: We will be starting a house point system in September across the school.
  • Additional extracurricular clubs: Next year these will include homework, choir, cooking, Lego and rugby as requested.
  • We will look at ways to further involve parents of children who use the school bus.
  • We will keep our links with the Nature Reserve by taking each class for half a day on the last Thursday of each half term.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.