Building Update

4th November 2019

We have now moved to our new location and fabulous new building.

See our build journey here with our time line.


Friday 20 July 2018

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Temporary Site (at Riverside)

You may have noticed our posh new buzzer. From here you can buzz through to various locations:

Main office—during office hours
Dinosaur Room—for Early Birds
Tree Top—for Evening Owls
School mobile—for out of hours or in case no one answers.

The new Tree Top buildings for Riverside are nearly complete. The final phase will be to install a footpath around the back of their buildings. This will separate access for the two schools and mean that Braywick Court will have our own enclosed footpath and playground with no shared usage, making it much safer for the children.

Once we have had some rain and the grass has grown we will also have access to this as part of our outdoor play space.

Permanent Site (at Hibbert Road)

At last—the moment we have all been waiting for! Enabling works have begun this week at the permanent site! Thank you to everyone who came along to meet the contractors and look through the plans. Work will now begin over the summer holiday and we look forward to sharing more updates with you throughout the next academic year.

Current completion date: September 2019

Tuesday 26 June 2018

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Permanent Site (at Hibbert Road)

We are pleased to say, that we are in the final stages of finalising the building works for the permanent new home for Braywick Court School’s new building. The plan is to begin the month long setup work for the construction of the building in the next few weeks. This covers the access road and work to the Nature Centre carpark as we have previously mentioned. This is due to start on 16 July and is a huge milestone in the long journey we have had to date. I am also pleased to say that positive progress is being made with the preferred bidder for the overall construction of the building, planned to begin as soon as the site setup work has completed.

It has been a long journey for the school from its first opening in September 2014 and we know the children are excited to see what is happening in their new site, so we are planning on taking a school trip to the site on Thursday 19th July and invite you all to join us at 3.30pm. The preferred contractor will be there (who we will formally announced when the contract completion has been finalised) and you will have the opportunity to meet them, ask any questions, have a peep at the site and refresh memories by reviewing the new school plans.
Mrs Donnelly and I were invited to a project overview meeting today, with the preferred contractor, architects, DfE and a whole host of technical advisers. Confidence in the project is high and all keen appointments, like a site manager, have been made to start enabling works on 16 July. Everything seems well placed to finally begin building works in this long overdue project.

– Mark Greatrex, CEO BPET

Braywick Park and Leisure Centre

The Braywick User Group met with the Project Manager for the new Braywick Leisure Centre this month to find out about their plans.

During the recent archaeological dig, some Saxon remains were found. This is very exciting for the archaeologists but very frustrating for the construction team. They now need to complete further investigations which will push back the start of the build by 8-10 weeks.

This work has already started to take place at the back of the car park used for the bus, over by the old driving range. No machinery is allowed to move between 7 and 9am and they are aware of the health and safety considerations around children in the car park. Please do take extra care whilst the construction work is taking place.

The soil being dug out is being stored on the field adjacent to our Park and Stride route and the amount which has been moved is already vast!

Their current aim for a competition date is December 2019, although this may now be 8-10 weeks later.

It is hoped that due to the significant changes at the top end of the park, including the leisure centre and building of Forest Bridge School, the Park and Stride car park and entrance road will be resurfaced. There are no firm plans for this yet but we have been told that it is under consideration.

Friday 25 May 2018

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Temporary Site (at Riverside)

The last set of classrooms, which will be used by Riverside, are currently flying up. Their completion will make the whole space look neater and give us better access to more outside space, as we will have shared use of the school field with Riverside.

The installation of the new gate and intercom, and reinstatement works to the grassed area outside of the classrooms, will be completed by the end of next week for our return after half-term.

Permanent Site—Hibbert Road

Good progress continues to be made behind the scenes for our new, permanent building.

Contractual negotiations with the preferred bidder are ongoing and, as is always the case with complex projects being funded by the public purse, it is taking time to conclude.

Enabling works (site set-up, construction of access road and pedestrian crossings) are scheduled to be undertaken between mid July and mid August.

The main works will commence immediately afterwards, ready for completion in August 2019. Therefore it is still anticipated that the building will be completed in time for term to start in September 2019. No risks towards this timescale have been identified.

Plans are underway for an event on Thursday 19th July, the last Nature Reserve trip for this year. The children and staff will be invited to meet the contractors, see the site and find out what will be happening over the summer as the big build commences. More details about this exciting event will be released nearer the time.

In the mean time, Victoria Morris, parent governor, has kindly offered to discuss the current phase of the works and the building process, if any parents would like to discuss this and have been unable to speak to the Headteacher.

Friday 23 March 2018

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Building Designs

It has been exciting to revisit the designs for the school, which provide excellent provision for high quality teaching and learning experiences. Some of these plans have been included on the following pages for your information.

The school includes seven good sized classrooms, with Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5&6) on the upper floor. All classes have an outdoor area, including balconies upstairs. There is a hall, a catering kitchen, a library and lots of addition space for group work, meetings and offices. Extended Schools also has its own room, labelled as the Community Room.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineers have been refining the fine detail of the plans for the building. This includes options of materials to be used on certain elements of the building, plans for drainage and floor coverings.

We have also looked at IT solutions with Joskos, our IT provider and begun to look at plans for furniture, fittings and equipment.


Caterlink have been involved in kitchen designs so that they meet their specific requirements for providing a healthy balanced menu for breakfasts, lunches and teas.


BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is a sustainability assessment method. BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the wellbeing of the people who work in them and help protect natural resources. Our new school will be targeting a BREEAM rating of very good, which is in line with our Green School ethos.

This takes into account the climate of each space and includes elements like: amount of light, acoustics, heating and cooling. Also taken into account are energy ratings, water usage and ecology to name a few.

What next?

The next stage of the process is for the preferred contractor to finalise their designs and proposals and return to the ESFA for approval.
The program is scheduled to be updated in accordance with this by mid April and the next build update will follow the completion of this process.

The contractor is well aware of the final deadline of September 2019 and financial penalties are in place if this deadline is not achieved.
There is nothing in the program as it currently stands which creates a risk of not achieving this completion date.

Friday 9 February 2018

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Temporary Site (at Riverside)

Excellent progress is being made on our new classrooms, with lots of hard work from Bridge Timber, who have not been caught drinking a single cup of tea, even at the weekends.

We are on track for a handover at the end of February and are looking forward to getting in and using the new classrooms!

Current completion date: February 2018

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

The ESFA have received a competitive tender for our permanent site from a well known contractor who is on the ESFA Framework. The ESFA are currently completing the procurement process and appointment is due in March leading into a build programme that shows our school being ready for September 2019.

Current completion date: September 2019


Friday 26 January 2018

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Demolition of Winbury House – Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

Here are the most up to date photos from Hibbert Road now demolition is complete. By the next newsletter we should be able to announce the contractor who will be completing the build

Current completion date: September 2019

Construction of temporary accommodation

New Classrooms at Riverside

Amazing progress continues to be made on the classrooms, which are now weather proof and even have windows! All is running to schedule and we look forward to moving in after half term.

Current completion date: February 2018

Canopies and tarmaking

The canopies are now all in place and look fantastic! These have already been very useful in the wet weather but will soon be used for outdoor learning too.






Friday 15th December 2017

Canopies and tarmacking 

Tarmac and further resurfacing work will take place in our existing playground over the Christmas holidays. After this is complete the canopies, which have now arrived, can be erected.

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road) 

Demolition of Winbury House is now complete.

Archeological trenching is now taking place and will be completed before Christmas. There have been no finds at the site to date.

The build remains on programme.

Current completion date: September 2019

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside) 

Ground work has started on site this week. Bridge Timber will commence the construction on site after the Christmas break. Riverside have moved into their classrooms now and they are looking great. We are looking forward to moving into ours in February.

The planning officer has recommended that planning permission is granted. This will go to panel for final approval on 20.12.17

Friday 24th November 2017 – click here for a PDF version

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside)

Bridge Timber have been awarded the contract for building the temporary classrooms at Riverside. This is the same company who have built the Riverside classrooms.

They will complete the Riverside classroom within the next fortnight and then move across to start the one for Braywick Court. The Riverside classrooms have been built in 6 weeks and this should be the same timescale for our timescale too, although we do have to take into account the Christmas holidays.

We had a very positive first meeting with Bridge Timber this week and good report about them from RBWM. We are looking forward to getting the project started and have already been choosing paint colours and flooring.

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

Demolition at the permanent site has been progressing well and we have been watching it with interest!

This photo was taken on Monday. This is the main building— just part of the Squirrel Classroom and the kitchen left standing.

Friday 10th November 2017 – click here for a pdf version.

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside)

The classrooms for Riverside are very nearly finished and they are hoping to move in this month. This shows how quickly things can move once they get going and is very encouraging.

As time progresses it looks less likely that our own classrooms will be in place for January and although the project team are hopeful of a completion by January, February is now looking more realistic.

Current completion date: February 2018

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

Finally, demolition has started!

This work will take place over the next few weeks and completed before Christmas.

Preparations for the new build continue to take place behind the scenes and the project remains on track for completion by September 2019.

Current completion date: September 2019

Friday 3rd November 2017

If you would like to view the planning application documents for the temporary building at Riverside, please follow this link. The link will take you to the ‘Find a Planning Application’ page where you need to agree to the Copyright Notice. Use the application number: 17/03038 to get to our application.

Thursday 19th October 2017 – click here to view a pdf version

Temporary Scheme at Riverside

The planning application for the temporary buildings has been verified and has a decision date for the beginning of December. The buildings which are currently under construction are for Riverside as this was a separate earlier planning application.
However it has been very encouraging to see how quickly they can be constructed once work begins on site.
This project remains on schedule for delivery in time for January 2018.

Current completion date: January 2018

Permanent Scheme at Hibbert Road

We are pleased to report that the bat conservationist have kept a close eye out and there is clear evidence that the bats are continuing to use the bat boxes. Now there is no roof to the building it does not provide a cozy home for the bats any longer so there is no concern about them moving back in!

The demolition contractor met with local residents last week. The meeting was very positive and the residents are happy with the arrangements. They were encouraged to hear that a total of only eight or nine vehicle movements are planned for the whole demolition. The contractors will keep in regular contact with the residents and the Nature Centre.

Demolition contractors are now scheduled to be on site on Monday, subject to the contract being signed. They will do two weeks of demolition, pause for archaeological trenching and then undertake a further two weeks of demolition.

This will leave a flat site ready for construction to start.. This should be completed before Christmas.

Current completion date: September 2019

Images of demolition at Winbury House

Braywick Court School would like to acknowledge the great work that Bridge Timber have been doing on these projects.

Follow the links below for their Eco Classrooms and Garden Rooms design and installation services:

Bridge Timber Eco Classrooms

Bridge Timber Garden Rooms

29th September 2017 –Click here to view a pdf version

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to inform you that we have been successful in negotiating a significant funding increase, equating to one third of additional funding for the new permanent building for Braywick Court School.

In response to our letter to from Peter Lauener, Chief Executive of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, the body responsible for funding and building the new school, he made the following points:

  • Congratulated the staff and Trust on the recent Outstanding OfSTED report – highlighting the high quality of the education provision delivered by Braywick Court School
  • He re-iterated his commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for what will be an ‘exceptional’ building for Braywick Court School
  • They remain confident that the school building will be available in advance of the planned opening date in September 2019
  • Everyone in the team is fully focused on there being no further delays to the additional temporary and the permanent accommodation

Overall, the letter provides detailed reassurance that the Government are committed to the building programme for Braywick Court School and the full commitment from the highest level, that the project will not slip any further.

We continue to work closely with our colleagues in delivering the building and progress has been made in the following areas:

  • Demolition contractor appointed and due to commence in October.
  • Bidders day held for the contractors to deliver the temporary accommodation in January, with eight contractors interested in the scheme
  • Invitation To Tender (ITT) for the permanent building contractor prepared and cleared to be issued to prospective building contractors.

Yours sincerely

Mark Greatrex

Chief Executive

Temporary Scheme (at Riverside)

Suppliers for the units had a bidders day this week which was well attended, with six companies coming along for a site visit and two others also showing an interest.

A pre-app letter has been received from RBWM and the application can now be submitted with confidence all issues have been covered.

A communications leaflet will soon be distributed in the community and you will see these coming home in book bags over the next week or so.

We are still being advised by the Technical Advisory Team that 3rd January handover is their deadline.

Permanent Scheme (at Hibbert Road)

We are pleased to inform you that the project is progressing well over at Hibbert Road. The contractor carrying out the demolition has been appointed and has been to visit the site and begin preparations.

Demolition and site clearance will take place in mid October with our appointed contractor. The Trust and nominated governors will be meeting the contractors next week and a meeting will be offered to local residents.

We look forward to being able to share photos of this work taking place over the next few weeks.

We are thrilled to be able to announce that the budget for the full scheme is now in place and has increased significantly, meaning that the quality of the building will be ‘exceptional’.

Work also continues to take place towards procuring a contractor for the main building scheme. This is being run alongside the demolition contract to help keep timescales as tight as possible.

A parent has shared with us a copy of a letter they received from Peter Lauener, Chief Executive of the ESFA, to Theresa May, MP. This was in response to concerns raised by parents and shows a commitment from both the ESFA and our Prime Minister to keep the project moving and ensure its success.

Current completion date: January 2018

Current completion date: September 2019


15th September 2017 – click here for a pdf version.

Temporary accommodation for 2017/18

Woodford Interiors worked really hard on the playground over the summer. Children are enjoying the newly renovated playground, where the muddy areas have all be replaced with AstroTurf.

Three new canopies are scheduled to be installed this month, giving the children the opportunity to take their learning outside.

Maple class are using the Dinosaur Room as their classroom this term. Here is a photo of the transformation. A big thank you to Miss McFetridge, Mrs Nash and Miss Boycott who spent a huge amount of their summer holiday getting the space ready for the children.

Temporary Buildings

All funding has now been approved and is in place for the temporary classrooms to be placed on the field for Braywick Court School.

The planning application process is underway and this week we have seen some progress as the fencing goes up  and a digger has started digging foundations for the first set of temporary classrooms

Permanent Site

Although the funding for the permanent building has not been approved, the Chief Executive of the ESFA has told BPET personally that a response to our letter, escalating the issue, is due shortly.

A demolition contractor has been appointed and remains on track to be on site by November, with demolition scheduled to take place before Christmas.

As part of this process another archaeological dig has to be undertaken underneath the existing building, so cannot happen until after demolition.

The road for construction vehicles will not be used for demolition so will not need to be in place until the build commences, which should reduce disruption for the Nature Centre and the local residents.  The final date for completion of the build remains at September 2019.


1st September 2017

As we prepare for the start of the new academic year on Tuesday 5 September, below is an update of where we are in the temporary and permanent building programs that have continued to be worked on over the summer holidays.

Please click here for a PDF version.

Temporary Work for September

Work has been carried out on the outside area to enable the space to be better utilised while Braywick School remain in temporary accommodation.  These works include removing the raised beds and tarmacking the area and resurfacing of grassed areas.  Three new canopies will be arriving before the end of September.

‘The Launch Pad’ hut in the corner of the playground will also soon be available and refurbished for use by the school.

The bus service will also resume on Tuesday 5 September – please refer to the information you were given before the holidays. Early Birds will run from the Children’s Centre from 7.30am and all drop offs to school will be via the Children’s Centre. Reception children will be dropped on to their classroom while they settle in. Parents are able to use the Children’s Centre car park, but are asked to park considerately. Please have children in school by 8.40am.

Temporary Work for January

The plans for the additional classrooms and space to be installed for January 2018 in the extended area for the school remain on course.  Leases and plans have progressed over the summer, though there has been an amendment to the plans in consultation with Riverside School.

This change to temporary building configuration and the additional space required by Riverside School has meant that the planning application has had to be withdrawn and re-submitted as soon as possible.

To ensure that the originally announced deadline is not missed, the ESFA have agreed to move ahead with preparing for the installation of the temporaries assuming that planning will be approved.  So the units will be ordered and contracts let for the ground work of the mobiles, so that when planning is anticipated to be approved in early November, work can begin straight away.  Further details will be provided on 15 September, when planning is expected to have been submitted.

Permanent Building

Despite the slower progress in terms of discussions and approval for the ITT, progress continues to be made and remain on track with the timeline below.








Building Update

As we move toward the construction and completion of our new exciting state-of-the-art building, below is an update on progress and where we are on our timeline.

Temporary Accommodation

Braywick Court School are preparing to enhance the temporary at Riverside School for the duration up to summer 2019.  Plans are in place for enhanced of the excellent temporary facilities, with further space expected to be delivered for January 2018.

Summer 2017 works update

·         All is going to plan for work to take place over the summer holidays: resurfacing the playground, tarmacking the raised beds area and erecting canopies for outdoor learning.

·         We have not been able to secure funding for the temporary Cotaplan unit on the newly tarmacked area, so Year 3 will use the Dinosaur Room as their classroom until the temporaries are ready for use on the field.

·         All activities have already been accommodated outside of the Dinosaur Room apart from dining. More details on this will follow when term starts. Please remember it will be cold lunches for the first week of term, as per the newsletter.

Extending the temporary accommodation for January

·         Plans are progressing for the double unit on the field.

·         The planning submission has been validated and the planning officer has been on site. 

·         This work strand still remains within the existing programme.


Permanent Building Update

As you will be aware, there has been no physical developments with the building programme for the permanent building for Braywick Court School. 

We are pleased the ESFA continue to be supportive of our school as designed, and are in the process of formalising an increased budget before re-tendering to seek a new contractor, which will start in July 2017. 

To enable us to move forward as quickly as possible, the ESFA have agreed with our recommendation to split the works into two contracts: one for demolition of the current building and one for building our new school.  The build contract will not include an element for design – this will remain the same and be utilised by the new contractor.  This will enable the demolition to take place at the earliest opportunity.

The ESFA will be begin procuring a demolition contractor in early-July.  Once the demolition contractor is appointed demolition is scheduled to be undertaken between September and December 2017 and will allow for a 6-week archaeological dig after the demolition.   

To minimise further delay the tendering process for a new contractor is also currently planned to start in July, with the contractor to be appointed by the time the demolition is completed.  As the works are now over the OJEU limit, the EFSA are required to utilise their framework which is OJEU compliant – meaning part of the tendering process has been pre-approved. 

The building tendering timeline:

·         Invitation to tender to be issued – July 2017 (not yet published)

·         Evaluation of tender returns – September/October 2017

·         Contact appointment – November 2017

·         Pre-construction services agreement (PCSA) – December 2017 to March 2018

·         Contractor Proposal sign-off – February 2018 – March 2018

·         Construction phase – April 2018 – summer term 2019.

With all the work being undertaken, the ESFA inform us that under the newly tendered contract, works should be completed by late summer term 2019.  This is always subject to a huge number of caveats and could be subject to change, but it is the ESFA’s best guess at the programme subject to agreements and approvals at various stages. 

With the demolition phase starting in the autumn, it will enable the site to be clear and allow further surveys of the site, which sometime impedes progress through the construction phase.