Make Braywick Court School your first choice with confidence!

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Parents and carers of children starting school next September have until 15th January to apply for a 2014 Reception place at Braywick Court School through the RBWM Primary Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme.

We have received some additional news from RBWM that we believe will reassure you in your decision to apply for a place for your child at Braywick Court School.

The Department for Education has indicated that we are on track to sign our Funding Agreement (the contract between the Trust and the Government which sets out the terms on which our school is financed) prior to the offer day of 16th April. We understand that parents would like to be as comfortable as possible in selecting Braywick Court School as their first choice and are pleased to share with you the following statement made by RBWM, which explains the process in the unlikely event that our Funding Agreement is not signed by the beginning of April 2014:

“By applying to Braywick Court School, parents and carers are provided with a risk-free choice for 2014. If, following the admissions process, Braywick Court School is the highest school to which an applicant can be offered, then RBWM will offer parents a place at Braywick Court School plus the next highest preferred school to which a school place can be offered once admission rules have been applied. On National Offer Day (16 April 2014) parents will be offered these two schools and will then have a no-risk choice of either accepting a place at BCS or the other named school.”

While we have no doubt whatsoever that the school will open as planned (a confidence shared by the DfE), we’ve taken this extra step as we understand what an important decision this is for parents.

We hope this gives you the confidence you need to select Braywick Court School as your first choice. As ever, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Click here to apply for a Reception place at Braywick Court School 
You can view our Admissions Policy here